The police force says this, a friend says that and the insurance company reflects another recommendation. On whose insight must you descend now? Ask the specialist!

Every new lock brings out an idea : How do we get it open?

We can open everything ! But we also know which products and locks cause us much work and problems. Where we have enough time, the burglar should be in within ten minutes.

The safety recommendations we give you, are free and without any obligations.
We prefer to do this on the spot. We will look for the weak spots together.

Good security doesn’t mean it has to produce a bunker or prison.
Often security can be very elegant.

Off course we ensure you that you don’t have to become a cipier with bunches of keys .
One key for the outside, which you can use to open all locks and a maximum of one key
to open possible window locks and / or sliding French window.

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